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You’re a perfectionist with a fine eye toward detail. Ever since you can remember, you’ve always felt you were somehow different from other people.

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No one understands what you are going through – not your doctor, not your family or friends. Stresscenter.com’s Attacking Anxiety & Depression program was developed by Lucinda Bassett, and Dr.

Philip Fisher, MD, who leveraged the skills, methods and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Modification as the core of the self-treatment process.

The study of 176 participants found that roughly 50% of participants reported positive changes in their lives as a result of the program Bassett developed, which is comparable to the improvements made in private counseling with a licensed therapist.

In 2001, Bassett took part in a collaborative venture alongside Roberta Flack, Diana Krall, F.

At first it struck me as odd, since the concept on paper was a lot like other pills the center typically railed against. I saw them for what they were: an expensive placebo. Yet there they were, and they were charging me extra for something I didn’t order or want.

They weren’t anti-depressant-caliber pills like Prozac. The phone reps basically told me too bad, they had already charged my card and there were no refunds. So, the program to attack anxiety and depression simply made those things rage within me even worse than before.

By 13 years of age, she graduated to panic attacks. Now, my goal is to help others, so they don't have to go through the pain I did because of ignorance. I believe it is reasonable to think that some of us were born with a goosey limbic system.

As a youngster, our guest, Carolyn Dickman, was an anxious child.

When I found the tapes, I chucked them in the trash along with the rest of the rubbish I was clearing out of the car.

At the time, no one spoke of panic and anxiety (back in the 1950's). I was never at peace, I always questioned my decisions. People with anxiety disorders, panic disorders, are very clever at designing a life around their disabilities. I lied my way out of the things I couldn't do, like, go on vacation. I have used what happened to motivate me, and hopefully, I can inspire others. However, from my experience we learn our fears and our responses to life.

Murray Abraham, and Nona Hendryx, all of whom contributed a track to the meditation album "Visionary Path." Bassett narrated a track called "Mountains." [1]World Cat shows over 2,000 library collections include Lucinda's books, all of which are published by major publishing companies.