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When you connect to Web Chat counselling, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire.Once you do this you will be notified when a counsellor is ready to chat with you. The idea your child may be being secretly groomed on the internet by a predatory paedophile is every parent’s worst nightmare.But now scientists have developed a new mobile phone application which is designed to identify adults posing as children.By analysing the language of users in detail, the application enables children to build up profiles - including the potential age - of individuals who they are chatting to online.

It can also link in with websites such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing children to scan chat text from their site.

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They say the software - called Child Defence - enables children to scan webchat on their mobile phones to check the age of people they are messaging.

The software uses the latest advances in language analysis technology to identify language quirks peculiar to different age groups.

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