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In most of the times i Tunes would just work fine – fast and fluid, but some criteria should be met.For example, the official Apple cables ensure data transfer happens at the intended speed and all updated software in a computer enables the frameworks of i Tunes to have flawless data connectivity all around.This is often a more reliable way to get an i OS update immediately, sometimes i Tunes will time out during the download when an i OS update has just been released, this is probably due to server overload.

The best way to sync with an Apple device and manage it right away is using i Tunes.Especially for an i Phone and i Pad user, using the i Tunes program would be highly necessary almost any time a data or media transfer is due.You can download any i OS software updates for i Pad, i Phone, and i Pod touch without using i Tunes.There are actually two ways to do this, the first is using the i OS device itself but there are caveats and limitations with that, and then there is the traditional method of downloading the update files directly from Apple without i Tunes, which is particularly helpful for those who rely on download managers or who are just encountering trouble with i Tunes automatic updates.In any case, if you are running i OS 5 or later, you can use OTA to update i OS with no attachment to a computer or PC whatsoever.

If an update is available, tapping on Download and Install will finish the process for you with no attachment to a computer and no i Tunes at all. This is by far the easiest way to get the i OS update installed onto a device and requires no computer at all, the whole thing is completed on the i Phone or i Pad.You can always download i OS IPSW files without i Tunes, and then update the software using i Tunes itself.Select your i OS hardware to get a complete list of i OS updates for that device: That’s all there is to it.This works with basically every version of i Tunes and every i Phone: * You can use Wi-Fi transfer as well if you have it setup, but copying music from i Tunes is usually faster and more reliable with a USB cable connected to i Phone.** Selecting an i Phone with i Tunes 12.4 is less than obvious, here’s how to do it. As long as the i Phone is connected to i Tunes (by USB or wi-fi), you can drag and drop music onto the i Phone to copy it over from i Tunes.Luckily this solution is great for the other problems we mention too.