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괜히 난 상관없다는 기사로 열애설 당사자들이 또 피해를 입을 수도 있고, 열애설 주인공의 팬들도 뭔가 분노의 분출구가 필요할텐데 냅둬요" 라며 졸라 쿨한 척 중2병 걸린 멘트를 날렸었는데 이게 몇 년 계속 되니까 개빡치네요 진짜..

A Hong Kong media outlet reported that Zhoumi and Rosamund Kwan are a couple that have overcome a big age gap of 24 years.

Even to this day, I still get Over the past few years, whenever I've come up in dating rumors I have nothing to do with, my label suggested, 'Let's release a statement denying so.

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lol uhhh I'm pretty ethnic positives zhou Mi is just a supportive friend. You will be rumored to be dating everyone that exists in any picture that can be found with you in it. Once, just listened like we used to feel that something is developing a type of scam that is connected with junior dating many people in your photo.On December 29, Zhoumi took to Weibo to say, "I have a lot of 'girlfriends.' I'm thankful to all of you who love me this much," referring to his fans. Zhoumi made the post after rumors he was allegedly dating Rosamund Kwan made headlines in Hong Kong. The idol's name has come up in the past in other dating rumors, due to his fame for being close with a number of people in the entertainment industry. Why do you have to suffer when you have nothing to do with it' but I just laughed it off, saying, 'It's okay. There are K-pop idols in the Korean music industry who were born to a wealthy family, such as: 2PM's Nichkhun, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Siwon, and the list goes on.

(Photo : Nicky Loh / Getty Images) Super Junior's Shindong finally revealed what fans had been gushing about: the dating history of Super Junior members."I like girls with cute faces but sexy bodies," Shindong said to prove Jin Young's words. Three of our members were even dating within that girl group at that time," he added as quoted by Korea Boo.He then proceeded to spill details about his dating history. Shindong's last remark clearly has led to another further speculation of the other three Super Junior members who dated the girls in the girl-group.Shindong was rumored to have a secret relationship with a girl-group member.When he asked to clarify the rumor, he honestly admitted that he indeed used to date an idol group member that happened to be Hong Jon Young's best friend.Zhoumi denied that he's dating anyone and assured fans they're the only special women in his life.