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Speaking to a US magazine, the 31-year-old actress revealed that she hopes to have children soon.She also touted her girlfriend skills, saying: 'I'm a really good girlfriend - I always put all that first in my life.

And in typical celeb fashion, the pair didn't name their new bundle of joy something boring and ordinary, but they named her after a Disney princess - Briar Rose., and also from the original Grimm Brothers fairytale in 1812.Briar Rose was the name given to Princess Aurora by the three fairies, to shelter her from Maleficent's curse.More importantly, he gave ABC and the rest of the By stumbling over it, Dean made the line that exists between fake diversity and actual inclusivity, between racial humor and racism, quip and microaggression, appreciation and fetishization — very clear.The challenge for this season of , the first of the franchise to feature a Black lead, is going to be staying on the right side of that line at all costs.The Hart of Dixie star wore ripped boyfriend jeans along with a simple grey t-shirt and a black leather jacket to keep warm in the cool Los Angeles sunshine.

Casually cool: The Hart of Dixie star wore ripped boyfriend jeans along with a simple grey t-shirt and a black leather jacket, while her husband opted for light green army pants and a Brooklyn, NYC T-shirt She completed the casual look with white tennis shoes and a mustard-colored handbag.) have all proven that being honest about the things that make us different can sometimes bring us together, under the collective banner of a shared laugh.But there is a very fine line between funny and offensive, or just really weird. When Dean, a suitor who isn’t Black, told Rachel that he was “ready to go Black and [he’s] never going back,” he proved that he is, above all else, super corny.It was also the original title of actress is expecting her first child with her long-term boyfriend."They've both talked about this for awhile and are so excited," a source told the magazine."Everyone is beyond thrilled for them."Bilson has previously gushed about wanting to start a family:"I definitely have family on the brain.She’s brought in to help Highway 65 and take the record label to a different level. She’s described as “driven and brilliant.” Kaitlyn will be taking on the role of Jessie Caine, a singer/songwriter, who left Nashville after a scandal years back.