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Slovakia is at the crossroads between eastern and western Europe.

Just click the "Find Now" button, see all options and take your pick! No matter how you want to travel, our smart bus search engine will help you pick just the right bus.On your bus from Piestany to Vienna you might be looking for a particularly short ride, for the cheapest bus ticket or for the best amenities.And be prepared: in same-sex bathing facilities, you’ll find most Europeans are not embarrassed to soak or walk around in the nude.Make arrangements for your spa stay either directly with the spa or through local travel agencies in Slovakia.The capital, Bratislava, is located in southwestern Slovakia on the Danube River. Although the country is ethnically diverse, Slovaks are the overwhelming majority accounting for 4.5 million (85.6 percent) of the inhabitants.

The populace also includes approximately 600,000 (10.8 percent) Hungarians and 79,500 (1.5 percent) Gypsies.

Both nations won medals in 1988; Canada won the gold medal while the Soviets won silver.

The brawl dramatically raised the profile of the World Junior Hockey Championships in Canada, where it is now one of the top events on the annual sports calendar.

While carry-on baggage is typically allowed free of charge, there might be restrictions regarding additional baggage or bulky luggage.

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