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(You don’t have to answer all of them, so calm down.) You can scroll through other people’s answers to questions, zeroing in on topics that are important to you know. The app puts the control totally in the women’s court. Of course, using an app like this opens you up for a myriad of new workout/dating related puns, so please comment with your best pick-up lines below. The app uses a “heart” concept you’ll recognize from other dating apps, and focuses on your first impression of people in your area. The app can also be used on your computer…so boo ya!

Don’t worry though—photos are still a big part of the app, and the swipe-to-like interface is still at work.

Every rainbow must have its end, and after week upon week of glittering gay couples fizzing off the screen (👀) and testing even the most liberal Guardian readers’ tolerance, we’re back to marvellous monochrome this week, with a straight pairing on the column. It is mascara, your keys, your underwear – it never ends the night where it started. I know coming from somewhere unusual and having someone know it can be quite the bonding experience – even though you don’t want to live there anymore yourself, funnily enough – but he hasn’t even there!

So all those who worried that gay people were being overrepresented in the column can now breathe easy; we’re now back to your default. Thankfully they look like nice people who would probably get off with each other in the right light if something by, oh I don’t know, Elkie Brooks or Bruce Springsteen was playing in the background. Sorry Rory (try saying that after a double gin and tonic and with a mouthful of Haribo). There is zero common ground other than he once listened in a geography lesson! I think Rory might think he’s a little wilder than he actually is. Stop acting like a superannuated Holden Caulfield and chill the hell out.

Whenever possible, product managers at The Guardian make decisions about functionality and design on news pages and other web properties with A/B tests.

Through a combination of A/B and user testing, PM Kerstin Exner dramatically improved paid registration conversions for The Guardian’s online dating site, Soulmates.

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