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It will be 118 feet wide and 162 feet tall and is estimated to cost at least 4 million.

The downside is that you’ll probably need to get out of your PJ’s and run a comb through your hair for your “phone call” or blog — potentially a big deal for those who work at home.

It's just that you are the only guy I ever had sex with. They badgered me with questions, and after a while it was easier to answer than to deal with the flak. I told them you were conservative, and..." "That was between us. Now all of my secrets are out in front of everyone. So now my loving wife is asking me about my fantasies.

Grab a couple of books and place them under your laptop if necessary. Move your webcam a little closer to your face, and a little farther away… If your webcam is at the top of your laptop screen, move your screen back and forth, creating different angles, again attempting to determine which angle suits you.

Communicating Regularly Staying Connected Keeping Busy Community Q&A Long distance relationships can be tough.

I had been polite to her friends and family who came to eat my feast. But Doug made a crack about you being a housewife, and then started probing about our sex life." "Tell me, Linda. Everyone jumped to your defense." "Not about my cooking dear wife.

"Sometimes I fantasize being the first to climb Mount Everest, or pitch in the World Series for the New York Giants. I don't have sexual fantasies, at least nothing "out there." I mean if you can bring me a couple of movie stars or arrange for a doc to give me a 30" schlong, I'm game, but..." "Daniel, you know what I mean.

Gone are the days we thought that Apple products such as the Mac are virus-proof.

A new report reveals a 700 percent spike in malware instances in Mac devices in 2016.

According to Mc Afee’s report, these instances only comprise a small amount of the total number of virus attacks they have detected throughout the fourth quarter of 2016.

Apparently, the total number of malware Mc Afee was able to detect is more than 600 million instances, with the biggest being 15 million virus attacks from Android smartphones.

We’ve always been under the impression that Apple products such as the i Phone, Mac Book, and i Mac are virtually virus-proof.

And figures for the past few years have proven that malware attacks on Apple products have been kept to the minimum.

I’m going to give you a few simple tips that you can take or leave, according to your own needs.