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This resulted in the migration of people to the ancient delta of the Tedzhen River.This also lead to the Early Bronze Age Settlements at Khapuz-depe.Its inhabitants deserted the town in the 1700s in order to develop a new settlement, and Kunya-Urgench has remained undisturbed ever since.

Some of the earliest records show that Khwarezm was conquered by the Arabs in 712, and Kunya-Urgench was given the Arabic name "Gurgandj".

The city rose to prominence between the 10th and 14th centuries as the Khwarezmian capital, and as an important trading centre, competing in fame and population with many other Central Asian cities, such as Bukhara.

The foothills of the Kopetdag mountains have revealed the earliest village cultures of Central Asia in the areas of Namazga-Tepe (more than 50 ha) and Altyndepe (26 ha), Ulug Depe (20 ha), Kara Depe (15 ha), and Geok-Syur (12 ha).

However, the Chalcolithic period ended about 2700 BC due to natural factors of ecology, with the Geok-Syur oasis getting deserted.

While Ashgabat has grown, I felt like I stepped back in time.

If Russia is still in the late 80's, then this place is still in the mid 50's at the height of communism. They actually ban newspapers and I had magazines confiscated from me at the airport!

The geographical location of the explorations in southern Turkmenistan is not marked with precision.

The Merv Oasis is one of the regions explored by Soviet archeologists of the Yu TAKE; Antiochia is the primary site in this oasis.

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Expat life in Turkmenistan has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience – from discovering the countryside like the World Heritage Site of Konye Urgench, learning how Turkmen people celebrate Nowruz Bayram, up to tasting Turkmenistan’s favorite dishes such as plov.