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When I think about the admiration that follows this man, it’s probably a good thing he reportedly plays for his own team because women love them some Anderson Cooper—and that includes a whole lot of black women.

Some of you might be thinking, speak for yourself, but I know I’m speaking for a lot of folks when I say, ladies love AC.

She was baptized in the Episcopal church by Bishop Herbert Shipman as Gloria Laura Vanderbilt.

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Gloria Laura Vanderbilt (born February 20, 1924) is an American artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, and socialite.During the 1930s, she was the subject of a high-profile child custody trial in which her mother, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, and her paternal aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, both sought custody of the child Gloria and control over her million trust fund.It might have been around election time because I remember I was tuning into CNN religiously for my fix of Anderson, James Carville, Paul Begala, and Donna Brazile back then.Luckily in my moment of candidness, I wasn’t alone because my other black female co-worker chimed in with a quickness and said “yes, me too! On any article I read where Anderson is involved there is sure to be a string of comments about how cute, fooooiiine, gorgeous, and even hot Anderson is and it cracks me up every time because it’s almost like a universally accepted fact.It’s not a case of misdirected gaydar either because no one is checking for Don Lemon like that. Knowing that I tend to gravitate toward laid back men, I like the fact that Anderson is so cool in his reporting, he pretty much sticks to the facts, doesn’t get all irate and hot tempered like some reporters do when debates arise, and I can’t recall him ever saying anything in a report that offended me.

Barack Obama seriously dated several women before meeting Michelle, and none of them were African-American, according to the author of one of the definitive books about the former president.

I am a caring, compassionate, educated, self-sufficient, and analytical woman.

Anderson Cooper is like the Hugh Hefner of journalism.

The rights to control this trust fund while Vanderbilt was a minor belonged to her mother, who traveled to and from Paris for years, taking her daughter with her.

They were accompanied by a beloved nanny – Emma Sullivan Kieslich, As a result of frequent spending, her mother's use of finances was scrutinized by the child Vanderbilt's paternal aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney.

I don’t even know when I became a fan I just remember a conversation at my previous job one day when someone mentioned something they saw on CNN and said Anderson Cooper reported blaze blah, and I blurted out, “I love Anderson Cooper” with almost as much emotion as I would if I was talking about Idris Elba.