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Some guys seem perfect at first, but then, little by little, their true nature begins to emerge, so to avoid the pain and heartache of getting too involved with the wrong type of man, here are ten types of men that you should definitely avoid dating. The stone broke guy It’s not all about money, but a little does help!

Unless you want to be paying for everything, avoid the guy who always seems to have forgotten his credit card, if nothing else, you deserve a man with a bit more dignity than that. ‘The whole world hates me’ man This is a guy who needs to grow up and sort himself out.

On my dating blog I often get comments from gentlemen complaining that girls don’t express clearly what they want and they (guys) are not mind readers.

At this point of time, he can be quite weak and might lean on the nearest support he can find.But that doesn't mean that he's really fallen for you.Sometimes a guy like this is fine, but often it ends in heartbreak, because his feelings for you are not true. It won’t be long before he is telling you how to dress and what to say.Catch the warning signs of the control freak early, they could be signs of more dangerous things to come. The man who’s looking in the mirror, all day long It’s your right to spend more time in the bathroom than him, so be wary of a man that keeps you from that prerogative.Women don't necessarily want a rich millionaire, but a little something can be a good thing.

Even the guy would feel his dignity is safe if he can contribute some. Bang your head on the nearest wall and tell him you might as well go back.

Men and women are different in many ways, but we're more the same than you may think. Just like women who have dated their share of challenging types of men, men also meet and enter into relationships with less-than-impressive types of women.

You know that dating at this stage of life (or any, for that matter) isn't exactly a rose garden every moment.

She insists he give and give with little or no reciprocity; after all, he's the The Man and she's his prize.

The 18 year old dates, but she doesn't have relationships because "she doesn't want the men who want her, and the men she wants don't want her." She doesn't know what will make her happy, and hasn't yet learned how to communicate and relate to grownup men.

10 types of men you should avoid dating Looking for a new man in your life?